a Reality represented through video.

our Reality (2021)

A self-directed short film that presents the struggle of being seen as the model minority through the eyes of a queer Asian-American.

"’I've managed to hide hints of the name of this short film since September 2020 in articles, posts, bios, & even my first short film. it was one of those projects where i thought of the title before the entire concept, eventually it all fell together- and the title started out as a simple mistake. and here we are now "

To Press Play (2021)

A self-directed short film that follows the journey and struggle of a student's mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sometimes I wish. Sometimes I wonder. What I could do. If I could just...

"I started to wish that I could just fast forward..."

gift a piece of mind (2020)

A self-directed quarantine film that reveals the lovely mess in-between a peace of mind & giving someone a piece of your mind. Gift you a piece of my mind. If you sit down and take the time. Only an instant in the universe.

"I’m overwhelmingly happy to have started this film and I hope to produce more! I’m so grateful to be on Earth and be able to share my thoughts with you! It was a 22-day project of stress & headaches. At the end of the day, every second of it was worth it."