a Reality represented through video. 

Ideal Boy Official Music Video (2023)
Director & Editor

This music video depicts a journey to self-love,  by overcoming a lack of love from the person that was believed to be their soulmate. This is Brazillian artist, Clariinha's first song in English. 

The Astute Observations of Samuel J.R Westlington (2023) Producer & Cinematographer. 

This story follows two quirky high schoolers on a whimsical adventure. Emily, a bold and curious detective, is on a quest to uncover the truth about her friend Samuel's seemingly ordinary life. In the process, she realizes her obsession with Samuel's hidden world is a mere reflection of her own insecurities. In turn, Samuel tries to help Emily see that her intricacies are just as important as his. The story portrays the realities of being A TEEN. A pivotal time of figuring out what makes you, YOU. IT explores the stigmas around being a young person in this day and age AND It highlights Emily's journey to self-appreciation and understanding the value of being true to herself, and no one else. OUR 20-minute short film HAS a hyper  -colorful, fantastical, and witty aesthetic that pulls inspiration from directors like Wes Anderson and films like Amélie.

our Reality (2021)

A self-directed short film that presents the struggle of being seen as the model minority through the eyes of a queer Asian-American.  

"’I've managed to hide hints of the name of this short film since September 2020 in articles, posts, bios, & even my first short film. it was one of those projects where i thought of the title before the entire concept, eventually it all fell together- and the title started out as a simple mistake. and here we are now "

To Press Play (2021)

A self-directed short film that follows the journey and struggle of a student's mental wellbeing during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Sometimes I wish. Sometimes I wonder. What I could do. If I could just...

"I started to wish that I could just fast forward..."

gift a piece of mind (2020)

A self-directed quarantine film that reveals the lovely mess in-between a peace of mind & giving someone a piece of your mind. Gift you a piece of my mind.  If you sit down and take the time. Only an instant in the universe. 

"I’m overwhelmingly happy to have started this film and I hope to produce more! I’m so grateful to be on Earth and be able to share my thoughts with you! It was a 22-day project of stress & headaches. At the end of the day, every second of it was worth it."